Collections – Tips & Troubleshooting

Where is a collection’s full description?

On a collection page, either click More at the bottom of the description summary or, click the About tab.

Can I add admins to my collection?

Yes. Collections can have multiple admins.

To add an admin please send us the email address of the account that you wish to be added (please have an account created with that email address first).

(Note: Admins have editing privileges to all items in a collection regardless whether they uploaded it or not, so please add admins with that in mind.)

How do I add an image/logo to my collection page?

If you have an existing collection, you can add or change the image on the collection page.

  1. Log in and drag & drop an image file over the existing image to the left of the title.
  2. Or, mouse over the existing image, click Select and choose a file.
  3. Click Submit and wait for the tasks to complete. Refresh the page.

Sub-collections — When a collection has sub-collections you can find them by clicking the collections facet link in the left-hand column.

Related Collections — When a collection has related collections they are listed on the left in the About tab on the collection page.

Why can’t I add my item to any collection?

Except for the public collections (Community Texts, Community Audio, Community Video, Community Media), all collections are restricted to the uploader of the items in that collection.

Internet Archive has also created some restricted collections.

If you feel your item belongs in one of those collections, contact us with your request to move it.

  • Please send it from the email address of the account that created the item.
  • Please include the URL of the item page.

Here is a sample template for email:

 To:  Subject: Please move my item(s)  Body:  Please move these items:[item1identifier][item2identifier]  To this collection:[collectionidentifier]

How do I move an item into my collection?

Only Internet Archive admins can move items to other collections.

Please contact us at Please include the URL of the item to move and the collection to where it should be moved.

Why is my item not appearing in my collection?

Typically there are two reasons for this:

  1. The item was unintentionally uploaded to a Community collection.
  2. The item is not yet in the search engine.

All item creation tasks need to run before it will be indexed. Indexing takes about 20 minutes once the tasks are complete.

You can click the History link on the item page to check the status of the tasks.

If all else fails, please contact us rather than re-uploading. We can usually solve the problem.

Can I have items that are different media types in my collection?

This is not ideal, but it is possible.

Typically any upload to a collection will automatically inherit the media type of the collection (texts, movies, audio, software, image, etc.). If your item is not intended to be the media type of the collection, you may upload it to a public collection and then send a request to us to move it at Here is an email template:

 To:  From: [email address of the uploading account]  Body:  Hi. Please move these items to my collection.  The collection’s URL is[yourcollectionid]  Here is a list of URLs of items I wish to have moved:[item1][item2]  Thank you.