How to delete or add files to an existing item

As an admin for items you have created, you can add, edit or delete your own files. You may also add folders and move files.

Some of the files have been added by the system and are not removable.

To edit an item by adding an additional file to the item page, do the following:

1. Navigate to the item details page. The URL will look like this:[itemname]

2. Select the Edit option

3. Select the change the files option.

4. Select the Add a file button.

5. Drag and drop or select the file you would like to upload.

To delete a file on an item’s page

1. Right click on the file you would like to delete. Select the X Delete option. You can also rename a file as well.

2. Then select the Yes button, to confirm your deletion.

3. You will see the file and its derivative files disappear from your directory structure.

4. Once you have completed all your changes, select the Done Editing at the bottom of the page to finish your changes. You will then be redirected to the item details page

5. The system will automatically start a derive task in 15 minutes to update the files in your item.