How to download and return a borrowed book

Our system uses Adobe Digital Editions App for reading offline.

We recommend you install it on your device and authorize it first before trying to download. 

You can download it at the following link: Adobe Digital Editions

Anonymous authorizing is an option in Adobe Digital Editions. You can do this through the Help dropdown in Adobe Digital Editions.

Aldiko and BlueFire are other apps that may work as well, especially for mobile devices.

To download files in the lending program you need to have completed the following steps first:

1. You must have borrowed the book. 

(To do this, simply log in to your account, select a book that you want to borrow and click Borrow This Book)

2. You have Adobe Digital Editions (or another compliant reader) installed and authorized on your device.

Once you have completed the above and you have a book that you have borrowed. You can do the following from the item’s page.

1. Click the download button in the top browser just to the right of the Return it button.

2. A pop-up modal will appear. You can select either Encrypted Adobe PDF or Encrypted Adobe ePub.

3. The file will download and depending on your settings you will either have to click on the file to open it or the file will automatically open once completed. You will then see the following pop-up modal.

4. Opening the downloaded URLLink.acsm file in your reading app will allow you to use it offline.

Returning Your Book

1. Once you are ready to return your book, do the following. In the Bookshelves – All Items view. Select the book and then right click and select Return Borrowed Item.

2. A pop-up modal will appear asking whether you would like to return the book. Select Return.

3. The book will be removed from your bookshelf.

4. To make sure that the book is available for others to read. Return to the item page on the Internet Archive and select Return It

5. The book will now be returned and will be available for other users. If you don’t return the book early, it will automatically be returned within 14 days from the day you borrowed it.