How to move an item to another collection

Only Internet Archive admins can move items from one collection to another.

We will move the items for one of the following reasons:

  1. They are not in the correct public Community collection based on media type (text, movies, audio, software).
  2. You already have a collection where you have admin privileges and the items should be allocated to this collection but they have not.
  3. You believe they belong in another category collection but you don’t have admin privileges and you can motivate why they would be better cataloged into the other category (e.g. Classic TV).

If your scenario matches one of the above three reasons, you can send an email to from the email address used for your account, using the template below.

 Subject: Please move my items from the current collection “specify the URL”   to the new collection “specify the URL.”  Body:  Please move my items from the current collection “specify the URL” to the   new collection “specify the URL.”  Due to the following reason – [enter the corresponding reason that matches   your scenario] (For example, they are not in the correct public Community   Collection based on media type.)  Thank you

Please remember, we receive so many requests for collections that it is our policy to only create a collection for users who have a minimum of 50 items (an item is a page on created on that are of the same media type.