Media Players – Tips & Troubleshooting

I’m getting a “Media not playable” error?

 You will usually only see this for audio or movies items. There are a few possible reasons:

  1. The file is corrupt.
  2. The file has an incorrect format extension.
  3. The file is named in a way that does not work with the player.
  4. There is a browser specific issue. Try a different browser.

The movie or audio is not good quality

The reason is usually the quality of the data the was uploaded and we are not able to change that.

That being said, if the video or audio is choppy it might be your internet connection.

My text file won’t play?

Well, that’s because it shouldn’t.

Please remember that only certain formats are playable via media players, formats such as .txt, .doc. .ppt and certain others are not.

The images in the bookreader are rotated. How can I fix this?

Unfortunately, we do not have a fix for this issue at this time. 

The voice in the text-to-audio feature is bad.

Agreed. We hope to have a better version in the future.

The images are not loading in the bookreader?

This is usually related to how the files were named by the uploader. If this is the case, we would only modify them at the request of the uploader.

Search inside is not working for a book?

Books are not always indexed quickly and sometimes, due to factors such as size, cannot be indexed at all. Sometimes it is a bug and we would appreciate being notified.