Problems or errors

What does “This item is no longer available. Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a violation of our Terms of Use.” mean?

This error message simply means that the item has been removed from the site or is unavailable.

There are a variety of reasons why this might have occurred including:

  • By request of the uploader
  • Due to a violation of our Terms of Use – view the link here Terms of Use
  • The item has no usable data
  • Malware was detected.
  • In some cases, it means that the server where the item lives is temporarily in a read-only state. Usually, it is back to read/write within 24 hours. Occasionally, it may take longer if the disk needs to have a rescue task run on it.     

What does “no metadata” mean when I’m trying to edit my files?

Typically this means that there was a server error while tasks were running. We can usually fix this.

If you encounter this, please contact us at Please include the URL of the item.

What does “Network error” mean during uploading?

Typically that means there you have lost your connection. Usually, the solution is to wait and try again.

What does “503 error – this may be spam” mean?

That means the item you are trying to upload was flagged as spam. If you believe this is not a correct assessment, please click the Details link in the error and send us the message at

How can I tell what has failed with my item?

Each item has a viewable task log. If you are the uploader, to view the item history from the items details page simply replace the word “details” with “history.”  It will take you to the task log history.

If you see rows that are not purple, that means either the tasks are queued (green), are running (blue), are paused (brown) or failed (red).

If there is a red row, please contact us to have it investigated.

If there are blue, green or brown rows, please be patient and wait for them to run.

How do I report that there’s an issue with an item?

To report an item that violates the Internet Archive’s  Terms of Use, please send an email  with the URL (web address) of the item  to

For more information, please see Rights.

There’s a problem with the item, what’s next?

Some changes to our system, to individual items, or to collections can take a day to appear on If you’re experiencing a problem with an item, we recommend trying again after a day. Often the issue will then have already been resolved.

How do I report spam items or site abuse?

Please send an email including the URL of the item page(s) and a description of the problem/error. Send it to

Here is a sample email template you may use:

 To:  Subject: Site abuse  Body:  Hi, I would like to report the following abuse [ description of the violation of   terms of use] at the following [url]  Thank you.