SFLan Information

How can I connect to SFLan?
With a laptop: Be in the vicinity of a SFLan node. Associate with it: The SSID is sflanNN, where NN is the number of node, e.g. sflan13. No WEP. You’ll get an IP number assigned via DHCP. With a house: Contact us at info at archive dot org. (Please include your address and a phone number.) Find out if you have line of sight to another SFLan node, buy a node, and we’ll put it on your roof.

What about IP addresses?
SFLan uses real, routable IP addresses. These are usually given out dynically via DHCP. The nodes themselves use static addresses. We can also assign static addresses for servers. For the techies: We use tunneling, layer 2 and layer 3 bridging in parts on the network to make it all appear as a “flat” LAN. There are pros and cons about this approach. It has worked best for us so far. However, it is a moving target, and might change in the future.

I still have more questions, what should I do?
SFLan is a work in progress. If you have more questions, try the SFLan forum. If you still need help, write to info at archive dot org.

I live at 123 Main St at Crossing; do I have line of sight access to a node?
You can try netstumbler or kismet to look for a SFLan ssid.

What is the cost of a node?
The nodes cost $1100, which includes the price of parts and installation. Discounts are potentially available depending on the location.

How can I get a node?
Send an email with your name, exact address and phone number to info at archive dot org. Be sure to write “SFLan node” (or something similar) in the subject line. The information will be passed on to our fantastic installation team who will contact you.

If I get a node, can my neighbors connect also?
Yes, a SFLan node can connect your neighbors and co-condo association members.

What is included in the node?
Most of our nodes are composed of two radios, but some have three. The components are in a weather tight box with a four foot coax cable and two antennas attached. The whole unit is mounted on your roof (generally) on a pole. There is a picture of our lovely 5’3″ spokesmodel holding one here: http://www.archive.org/iathreads/uploaded-files/AstridB-PICT0017.JPG

What are the power requirements of a node?
A node takes on average 5 watts.

What are the connection characteristics of the network?
There are no average characteristics, but 2MBs shared among 20 or so people would be an example.

What is the percentage of uptime?
SFLan is an experimental network, so the uptime varies. Right now uptime averages around 90% or more.