Archive-It Information

What is Archive-It?

Archive-It is a subscription service that allows institutions to build and preserve collections of born digital content. Through the user-friendly web application, Archive-It partners can harvest, catalog, manage, and browse their archived collections. Collections are hosted at the Internet Archive data center and are accessible to the public with full-text search.

Why would I subscribe to Archive-It instead of using the Wayback machine at Internet Archive?

Partners to this service can create distinct Web archives called “collections”, containing only the born digital content they are interested in harvesting, at whatever frequency suits their needs. All collections are full-text searchable. The collections created with Archive-It can be cataloged with metadata and managed directly by the partner. The Archive-It service maintains a minimum of two copies of each collection online, a primary and a back-up copy.

How frequently can I archive Web sites?

Archive-It is very flexible: you can harvest material from the Web using ten different frequencies, from daily to annually. Partners can select different crawl frequencies for each chosen URL. Additionally, your institution can also chose to start a crawl “on demand” in the case of an unforeseen spontaneous or historic event.

Who gets access to the collections created in Archive-It?

By default, all collections are available for public access from the main page at However, a partner can choose to have their collection(s) made private by special arrangement.

How can I search the collections?

Archive-It provides full text search capability for all public collections. You can also browse by URL from the list provided for each collection. The public can browse and search collections by partner type or collection from

What types of institutions can subscribe to Archive-It?

Archive-It is designed to fit the needs of many types of organizations. The hundreds of partners include state archives and libraries, university libraries, federal institutions, non government non profits, museums, art libraries, and local city governments.

Who decides which content to archive in Archive-It?

Partners develop their own collections and have complete control over which content to archive within those collections.

Where is the data stored for Archive-It collections?

All data created using the Archive-It service is hosted and stored by the Internet Archive. We store two copies online and are working with partners to have redundant copies in other locations. Partners can also request a copy of their data for local use and preservation to be shipped either on a hard drive or over the internet.

How do I sign up?
You can get more information and reach out us to us via archive-it [dot] org