Does the Internet Archive Have My Media

The Internet Archive is currently accepting donations of items we do not have already in our library. The good news is we already have many titles, but that means we are receiving many duplicates.  We need your help.  If there is reason to think the majority of the materials are not in our collection, we can take it whole and deduplicate it ourselves, but otherwise we need your help to figure out what is needed. We have tools that can help speed the process, but often doing a random sample of your items can give a pretty good idea.

Please see below for instructions on how to check if we have your media already ahead of donation:


Serials & Periodicals – print

  • Use our web tool here to search by ISSN or title
  • Magazine collection can be searched here
  • Newspaper collection can be searched here

Serials & Periodicals – microforms

  • Use our web tool here to search by ISSN or title


  • Check our CD collection here


  • Check our LP collection here


  • Check our software collection here


  • Check our manuals collection here


  • Check our 78s collection here


  • Currently accepting all recordings on 45rpm

Wax cylinders

  • Currently accepting all recordings on wax cylinders