Files, Formats, and Derivatives – Tips & Troubleshooting

How do I change the file format specification?

Usually, the system detects the correct format. If it can’t, it may make the wrong choice or specify it as Unknown.

To select a different format, follow these steps starting at the item details page.

For example

Select Edit

Select Change the Information

Scroll down to the Files, Formats, and Derivatives section. Next, to the file name, there is a dropdown with many formats.

Unless you are certain what the correct format should be, it might be best to send an email regarding your issue to

My uploading is failing with a message that the file format is bad?

It is possible that the file is corrupt. If possible, you should recreate the file and try to re-upload again.

My item was removed due to malware being detected?

Our virus checker will remove the entire item from the site if a file being uploaded is detected to have malware. If you are adding this to an existing item, you will lose access to the entire item.

Should this happen you may contact us at

How can I delete unwanted derived files in my items?

The files derived are typically useful for using the materials or are necessary for the item to function on the site.

The only derived files that can be removed and blocked from being created are lossy files such as mp3 in audio items. There is a radio button in the Edit page of items that can be selected to prevent these files from deriving.

Can I search for file information on the site?

File metadata is not indexed in search except for the file formats.