Forums – A Basic Guide

What and Where are our forums?

Our forums are pages within our site that allow you and other visitors to communicate with each other, but you need to be logged in first.

To find the forums that are specific to a collection page, click the Forum tab of that collection page.

To see an example you can go to the following link:

Do you have a list of all the forums on Internet Archive?

Yes, we do it’s at the following URL –

You can see an example of the result below.

If you would like to go there click on this link

Where do I find the 50 most recent forum posts on the entire site?

The 50 most recent forum posts are ordered sequentially by forums who have had the most recent contributions. They are useful as an indicator of “hot topics” on our site.

You can find them at this link:

How do I add a forum to my collection?

Please send a request to add a forum to Please include the URL of the collection and send the request from the email associated with account that is the admin for the collection.

You may have noticed that some posts have highlighted links in them. Internet Archive forums permit the use of HTML codes.

Suppose you want to make a link to the Internet Archive home page, one that looks like this: Internet Archive home page.

To do this, you would enter the following HTML code:

<a href=””>Internet Archive home page</a>.

How can I format text in my posts?

Since the Internet Archive forum system accepts HTML codes, you can make text bold, italic, underlined, or even colored by using normal HTML codes.

You can find a list of HTML codes here:

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to a forum email list?

Next, to all forums, you will see a small envelope. When logged in, you can click on this envelope which will allow you to subscribe or unsubscribe to any forum.

How can I search the forums?

Here is an example query: AND forumForum:etree AND pigpen

How can I contact a poster directly?

We do not share account information nor have a feature that allows direct contact.