How to archive your Tweets with the Wayback Machine

You can request an archive of all your Tweets from Twitter and upload that archive to the Wayback Machine for your Tweets to be archived.

To request an archive of your Tweets from Twitter see these instructions.

You will get a .zip file (a compressed file containing many individual files), with all your Tweets stored in a file named “tweets.js”.

Unpack the .zip file you get from Twitter and find the “tweets.js” file in the “Data” folder.

To archive the Tweets from the “tweets.js” file with the Wayback Machine do the following:

  • Goto Save Page Now’s Google Sheets interface and select the new “Archive all your Tweets with the Wayback Machine” option
  • Upload your tweets.js file using the new Google Sheet’s interface. 
  • The file will be processed and you will be promoted to download a .csv file
  • Import that .csv file to a new Google Sheet.
  • Use Save Page Now’s Google Sheets interface to archive from that new sheet.

When the process is finished (it may take many hours, or a day or two) you will get an email about the results.

Note, you have the option of requesting that outlinks from your Tweets be archived as well!

Please give us feedback, make suggestions, and/or ask questions about this process by sending email to