Managing and Editing Your Items – Tips & Troubleshooting

I can’t edit an item I have uploaded, what’s wrong?

There are likely two reasons that this occurred:

  1. The server where your item is located might temporarily be in a read-only state. Often it is quickly resolved and back to a read/write state in a day or less.

A way to confirm this is to replace details in the URL with history. You will be able to view the state of the file.

  1. You changed your account’s email address. If this is the case, please contact us at Include your old email and your new email so that we can move the old items to your current email address. 

How do I make items “Stream Only”?

You can make an item “Stream Only” by adding information or a tag via metadata.

1.  On the page to add metadata ie the change the information page

2.  Then select the add Add another field

Scroll down the page to about between halfway and three quarters. Select the Add another field option.

3.  In the left box type collection, and in the right box type stream_only

Click the Submit button.

How do I embed or share a book, movie, or audio item?

1. Click the Share icon near the player.

2.  A popup window will appear with a selection of platforms for sharing and Embed options. Select the application that you would like to use. (In the example below, we have chosen to share it on Facebook)

It will automatically generate a link for sharing on that particular platform.

3.  For more advanced options, click the Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! link at the bottom of the popup.