Media Players – A Basic Guide

How do I use the Audio Player Controls?

The audio player controls on the site are pretty straightforward. Below is a screenshot of the updated audio player controls.

  1. Play/Pause – This will initiate or pause the playback of the audio file.
  2. Rewind track 10 seconds – This will make the audio player jump back in 10-second increments.
  3. Volume – Controls the volume of the playback. By mousing over the speaker icon, a bar will appear. Sliding the bar up and down will control the volume level.
  4. Time played – This indicates the length of time that the audio file has been playing. It is useful if you would like to navigate to a specific part or time in the audio file.
  5. Total Time – This indicates the total length of the audio file.
  6. Skip back – This allows the media player to skip back 1 track where there are multiple tracks.
  7. Skip Forward – This allows the media player to skip forward 1 track when there are multiple tracks.
  8. Chromecast – Forwards the media to your Television if you have a Chromecast device on your TV.
  9. Progress Bar – Mousing over this bar will give you a slider. Moving the slider will move the progress of the audio file. The time played will also change as you move the progress bar slider.
  10. Classic Player
  11. Beta-Player – has new features
  12. Winamp – This will replace our media player’s skin with the Winamp skin.
  13. Waveform – advancing the progress bar also advances the waveform play position.
  14. Mute – This will toggle the sound on or off.
  15. Playback speed – Controls the speed at which the audio file plays. You can play at normal speed 1x or twice the speed(2x) or half the speed(0.5x) etc.

How do I embed the player?

Click the Share icon below the player.

A pop-up window will offer URLs for embedding.

For more advanced options you can click the Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! link at the bottom of the pop-up.

Can I control the playlist order, change the titles or add cover art?

Yes, you can but only if you uploaded the item.

The playlist will be ordered alphanumerically.

To ensure that the files are arranged in the order you would like, you can add number prefixes to the files names.

Remember to always use the same amount of digits for the prefix. If there are more than 10 files, start with 01; more than 100, start with 001.

An example would be: 01trackone.flac, 02tracktwo.flac, 03trackthree.flac etc.

Can I add cover art?

An uploaded image file will automatically be displayed to the left of the audio player.

To add the image of your choice, ensure that it is a minimum of 750 p wide. Images should be jpg, png or gif format.

Select the change the files option and add the image under the Manage your Directory Tree.

Your new image will appear to the left of the player.