Uploading – Troubleshooting

I have uploaded my items but they are missing?

There are several reasons you may not be able to locate the items you created:

  • It is possible that the items are not properly indexed. Wait for 24 hours and recheck. If they are still missing, please contact us.
  • Items that may violate our terms of use may result in items being removed from the site.
  • Claims by rights holders may result in items being removed from the site.

How do I know if my upload failed?

There are generally two ways you will be notified if your upload failed.

1. You will see a Resume button as shown below. This is when the upload failed due to some network interruption.

Click Resume Uploading to continue uploading. If your device has regained network connectivity, you will see the status bar below.

Sometimes you may need to try several times before being successful. If it continually fails the only option is to refresh the page and start the upload again. 

2. You may receive a 503-slowdown-spam message. When this occurs, please click the Details link and send the error message to info@archive.org.

Uploading limit

A single file in an item should not be larger than ~500 to ~700 GB (capacity depends on activity levels and other circumstances, so we recommend using the lower limit of 500GB).

We recommend creating items that have less than 10,000 files, and where the files do not exceed 1TB. While 10,000 files is not a hard limit (the API will allow up to 250,000 files), exceeding that number is likely to disrupt your experience of the item. You may have trouble viewing the files, trouble editing the item, etc.