Uploading – What is not ok or not ok to upload?

Bulk uploading – I want to upload alot of materials

We would not discourage bulk upload so long as the materials meet the above criteria as well as these:
• Items should be thematically cohesive

• Items are organized efficiently: 

  • Serial (magazines), volume (multi-volume works), or chapter/track (albums, cds, etc.) are uploaded to a single item rather than many items
  • Uploaded files to items do not exceed either 500 files or 500GB of data
  • Large numbers of files that deserve to be together are zipped and you upload the zip file(s)
  • Uploads do not exceed 5,000 files per day (regardless of the number of items that are created.) In this context, a zip file is considered one file
  • Uploads do not exceed TK of data per day.

I want to preserve materials I’m afraid might be permanently lost

While we strive to preserve materials that are at risk of being lost we do not want to mirror items that are online without actual evidence that their removal is imminent.

To that end we ask that if you believe online materials are at risk and you wish to preserve them if they are removed please keep a copy locally on your own drives. If the items are removed or deleted from the site you are then welcome to upload them. Please include evidence that they were online but have been removed.

Additionally, if you are concerned about materials status we’d suggest discussing mirroring it with the owner of the materials and request that the owner talk with us.

Uploading them prior to that may result in their removal from archive.org and your account being locked.