Where does my donation go?

Technology: We preserve 100 million web pages per day! So far, we’ve saved 45 petabytes (that’s 45,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) of data. That takes a lot of servers, bandwidth and power. The cost of storing information in our own data centers is a fraction of the cost to store it in Amazon Cloud.


  • We convene the Decentralized Web Summit, dedicated to creating the Web we want and the Web we deserve. A Web that is private, safe and locked open for good.
  • This year, we archived more than 25,000 Commodore 64 Floppies, and more than 5,000 Winamp skins with the ability to play all our audio in Winamp.
  •  To date the Internet Archive has fixed more than 6 million broken links on Wikipedia using the archives of the Wayback Machine.

Staff: Most top websites like ours employ a huge staff. We employ 150 people around the world—engineers, archivists, librarians and book scanners. Most of our staff could be making much more money at a company driven by profit, but they choose to work for a non-profit powered by a huge mission. Hiring and retaining this kind of talent is imperative to our mission.