How do I make a physical donation to the Internet Archive?

Please help us preserve and make accessible everything ever published!  You can help by donating books, records (CD, Vinyl (LP’s 45rpm), 78rpm, cylinders), films, microfilms, etc that we do not already have.  We are interested in archives or collections that will be of interest to researchers in the future. (We are not collecting some things yet such as loose magazines, mainstream dvd’s or vhs tapes.)

Please try us!   

No collection is too large or too small.  Sometimes people send us a few books or records, and sometimes we have gone onsite to pack and ship whole libraries.

If it is a few boxes or less, then please send them to:

Internet Archive
300 Funston Avenue
San Francisco, California 94118
United States

If it is a large donation or one that needs special consideration then please fill out the donation form. Then you will be contacted by email or phone.

We will be very accepting of materials that you will pack and ship, and we are more selective when we have to pay and coordinate, but we can do this and we have for many many collections.  For full libraries, we will travel to your location to pack and ship.  

We have other drop locations in the US and in England so please use the form to find out the best way.

We try to digitize materials and make them available publicly as funding allows– we make no guarantees as to if and when this might be.  If the donation is large enough, then it gets recorded as a donation item on the website, with photos of the donor if desired.  And as these larger collections are digitized they are made into a special collection on the Internet Archive to celebrate the donor and to help users of the Internet Archive find and enjoy the materials.

Items donated to the Internet Archive become the property of Internet Archive, and will be recorded as an unrestricted gift. Items are not returnable after donation. If the donation is not tiny we will give letter roughly describing the donation back that can be used for tax purposes– but we can not do an appraisal.

For materials that do not fit into our collections for any reason, they are often donated to other non-profits or worthy causes, but sometimes thrown away. Rarely are materials sold.

Please donate physical materials to the Internet Archive.

To learn more about our physical item donation program, check out our webinar about the Internet Archive donation process here.

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